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Praxis, full name Praxis Doe-Het-Zelf Center B.V. (Praxis Do-It-Yourself Centre B.V.) is a Dutch Hardware store-chain, with head-office in Diemen. The company started in 1978 in Venlo and as of 2009 it has 136 stores spread over the Netherlands of which 26 have an extended assortment, the so called "Megastores". Praxis employs about 5000 people. Praxis focusses on construction products and on decorative do-it-yourself products. It also supplies garden materials. It is known to the general public for its sponsoring of the RTL 4 television program Eigen Huis & Tuin since 1990.

One angry customer wrote this about Praxis on Would never order something online via Praxis again and strongly recommend everyone to do so as well! Ordered a „tuinkast“ ages ago... the first half came after just a few days. Got a package , unpacked it, ready to assemble to realize that not all parts are in there . Apparently this product consists of two packages... well you would expect they deliver the second half then later correct? No after one week still no sign so we called ..“another package is on the way“ and this is where we are stuck now , we call twice a week for 1.5 months now, they are unable to ship the second package but tell us it should come any day now... a working tracking number can also not be send . And we can not really return the product as it is already unpacked and a laying around for a while... and we are still in need for a tuinkast btw...huge disappointment from customer service site...Feeling betrayed for my money


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Tablet fill operator (Former Employee) says

"The culture is horrible management does not care about you as a person neither does HR your a number supervisors are clicked up they want there butts kissed and for people to tell so they won’t have to do there jobs if you don’t conform you won’t fit in very high turn around rate nobody stay long they are also corrupt and I will set you up for failure if they don’t like you"

Line Technician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible production supervisors create unnecessary stress on line techs and packers. Nothing is consistent and the extreme lack of communication is beyond annoying. No one is on the same page. Supervisors complain about mistakes yet rush you and don't let you check your paperwork. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to work there. Very few people speak english so that also hinders communication. Line techs are held accountable for mistakes others make. toahead"

Quality Lead (Former Employee) says

"This place is horrible. Super poor management, ridiculous "certification" process. Favoritism across the board, lots of supervisor and line leads yelling and stressed out. Supervisors doing NOTHING... except hiding out in offices. Managers only listening to unqualified supervisors...I'm already sick to my stomach revisiting this in my mind. They sell you a goldmine and deliver a worthless copper mine. Cons: Poor management, ridiculous paperwork"

Tablet Fill Operator (Former Employee) says

"When I company lacks communication supervision and what it takes to be a company who prizes on their mission and vision I think it takes away from the to essence of what I'm used to operate in a capacity where there is less turnover and more preciation and respect. Cons: Communication, and blame game"

Line Tech (Current Employee) says

"Management doesn’t communicate, rushes and expects you to work produce with packagers that disrespect you and disregard your directions. There are not interpreters on the floor as stated. The hours are not as posted when you are hired, mandatory tens plus Saturday and Sunday. The health insurance is pathetic, there are no options. Cons: High turnover, work conditions, communication, breaks, lack of equipment"

Pack line (Current Employee) says

"I am not comfortable giving Praxis any stars.. Cons: List of cons is equivalent to the general collection of encyclopedias"

Production support (Former Employee) says

"“Praxis” is a Horrible company. Management/HR etc. is just unprofessional They treat packers/Line Tech like slaves. It’s basically mondern day slavery. They don’t care about you, your family, your HEALTH, or how burnt out people are after working 6 10hr days straight and 4 days off a month! THEY DONT CARE THEY EXPECT YOU TO BE THERE! You get NOTHING if you go above and beyond and exceeded their expectations. Managements/Production Foreman always making you feel like your walking on eggshells it’s a hostile place to work. PACKERS THAT WORK 10-11 HRS A DAY FOR 6 DAY A WEEK ONLY GET PAID $10HR AND THEY WILL NOT GET A RAISE AT ALL. During summer time the temperatures are so bad it’s hard to breath and they can buy signs and banners and remodel their offices BUT CANT ORDER MORE FANS FOR PEOPLE OUT ON THE PRODUCTION FLOOR! There’s not a enough fans for each line and they lied saying more were coming but they never did! Health Insurance is just unbelievable and not affordable for family’s. Trying to request a vacation it’s very difficult, 40% chance it will get approve. Please stay away from this company. Cons: Everything"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I hate to give this place even 1 star. You work your butt off for them for years and they treat you terrible and even fire you for no reason. If you're desperate for employment, good luck!! Worst company that I've ever worked for. Insurance is outrageous. I think the company makes money off of their employees for what they take out for insurance premiums. If you want to work for a good, honest company, look elsewhere. Cons: Everything else"

Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"Praxis packaging is a very minimum but slow paced working place. The managers and supervisors are very laid back but are efficient with the job they do."

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Nightmare of a job. Insane overtime out of the blue. Clueless HR department. Cruel management. Lack of appreciation for hard work employees do. By all means , STAY AWAY!"

Hi-Lo Driver (Former Employee) says

"I believe that their interview process was very unprofessional. At least in my experience it was. They called me in stating that i would have an interview along with a test drive. I arrived at the company they had me test drive the hi-lo, then was told an interview was not needed since i had high recommendations. It was stated that the last step was to contact HR. The next day i received an email stating an intertview was not needed due to other candidates. I believe it was very unprofessional for them to mislead me into thinking i had the job. Cons: Horrible management"

Line Technician (Current Employee) says

"There is little to none communication there. It’s sad you have to request WEEKENDS off at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time in order to maybe get your weekend off because we work so many hours and always short staff Cons: Management no work and home life balance"

Tablet fill operator (Former Employee) says

"They take advantage of people. No weekend rotation you have to work almost every weekend. No pay raises other than when you advance in your position. So if you don’t want more responsibility then get ready to make the same amount dor. Expensive benefits if you have a family. If you don’t speak Spanish forget it. Favoritism is terrible here. A couple are nice but majority don’t speak English or are somehow with management. No training. No structure. No organization. They don’t care about their employees Cons: Break isn’t until 6 hrs into shift. Favoritism. No training. Lack of humanity with management"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The pay is good. The hours are terrible. The work culture is terrible. The work environment is terrible. The management is terrible. The work/life balance is terrible. Cons: Everything"

Line tech (Former Employee) says

"I was a line tech at this place and it was terrible. The only good thing about this job is that the pay was 23 dollars an hour. The management and staff is very rude and fake. Packers don’t follow instructions when asked! Mandatory 11 hour shifts 7 days a week and if your product is near done running, as a line tech you have to stay until completely done (SOMETIMES UP TO 3 HOURS OVER). Very sloppy training team and many papers to fill out. Handwriting has to be perfect. This a backward thinking company. There are many things they could do to make work life less stressful but instead they refuse to and lose employees everyday. If you wanna grind it out to pay a couple bills or save up some money go right ahead but I would never recommend staying there long term. Oh yeah and people who do stay long term usually have bad skin due to the constant inhalation of the glue, lack of sleep, lack of home cooked meals and I would assume stress! Glad I quit! Cons: Overtime, management, training, disrespect"

Quality Auditor (Former Employee) says

"I was quality there and was often tasked with overseeing 6-7 lines because someone from the team was always missing. Management would often change the daily run schedule and then demand you to stop one task to complete a different one. Then they would get on you for not having the first task done. I often worked 6 days a week, sometimes Sunday too with no appreciation. There were many times that I could not even go to the bathroom without a linetech from another qualities area begging for me to help them. 10 hour plus shifts with only one break and if you got caught with a line finishing at the end of the day, you had to stay to complete reconciliation. Didn't matter if you had kids or prior commitment unless you were a chosen one. I would give less than 1 star if I could. This place is just not worth it and they will lie to you in the interview. Turnover is ridiculously high. I did't even make it a year working there. Cons: to many to list"

Line Tech (Former Employee) says

"Management is poor. Don’t expect quarterly, or even yearly reviews... EVER! Lack of reviews, equals lack of raises. Sure they pay well, but pay can’t make up for how bad of a work environment Praxis is. Production floor staff is so completely overworked and undervalued, that they don’t even have time to enjoy life outside of the floor. Literally nobody gets together to hang out or grab drinks. To make matters worse, everyone talks smack about everyone. This team is falling apart at the seams! Turn over rates are extremely HIGH! Consider that a red flag, seeing as the pay is so good. Office staff and higher ups are completely out of touch with the morale of the actual production floor, and don’t have a clue how people really feel about working there. Oh, and if you expect coachings or anything related to employee development, you can FORGET IT! You mess up, and you’ll be lucky if they even give you an explanation as to why you’re in trouble. Cons: Everything else!"

SALES MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"NO leadership from VP Sales . He was afraid to fly. NEVER accompanied me on a Sales call. Cons: no leadewrship from management"

Production Support (Former Employee) says

"Horrible leadership all the way up to the Executive level. There is very little organization in regards to training/advancement/development of employees. Supervision degrades subordinates on a daily basis. Packagers get treated even worse and their pay is just as bad. All together, an unprofessional and disorganized company to be honest. Cons: Untrustworthy co workers. A lot of “shop talk”"

Packer (Current Employee) says

"Poor pay and terrible tries to rule with a iron fist. If you don't fit in the way they like then there's no room for advancement at all."

Former Employee - Account Receivable says

"I worked at Praxis Healthcare Solutions full-time for more than 3 years Cons: No training, unrealistic expectations, most of management has no clue on how to create successful processes. The blind leading the blind"

Former Employee - Collector says

"I worked at Praxis Healthcare Solutions full-time for less than a year Cons: -favoritism runs deep within this company - the goals they set for people are biased, unrealistic, and unfair - they claim to care about how their employees feel about all they care about is the numbers -no good benfits -no sick days -micromanaging runs deep -there is no work life balance -they find ways to continuously overwork certain people -management pretends to care about feedback, but continue to just make decisions that make life harder for collectors every day"

Current Employee - Collector says

"I have been working at Praxis Healthcare Solutions full-time for less than a year Cons: President walks around to certain people being friendly but others she talks down to. No matter how many calls you make a day you will be told to make more. I agree with the review that says "They are unethical, disrespectful, racist, sexist, demonstrative, ignorant, and infallible when it comes to the lack of success the company has had. Their hiring practices are destructive, biased, and drive their lack of retention, and it shows in the force they currently have being that they only have a couple people that have been there over 6 months." I would like to say that I have seen at least 6 people walk out after being denied time off for personal reasons or DR Appointments."

Collector says

"I have been working at Praxis Healthcare Solutions for less than a year Cons: People calling in a lot=realized we made a mistake and looking for other jobs People failling asleep=systems are slow, systems always shut down, too cheap to update software, computers are old"

Former Employee - Collector says

"I worked at Praxis Healthcare Solutions full-time for less than a year Cons: When a supervisor walks around to certain prople and ask you to write a "positive" review on here to help boost their image, what do you call that? If the company is all of that then the reviews would have been on here sooner than later. How can one grow withing this company when there's only three positions? Collector, nurse review and a supervisor. Hell there's only 9 to 12 people working there so at what point is there growth? Where's the 401k? Where's the tuition reimbursement? Hell where's the 90 day raises people where promised? They're with other companies whose pay is higher, whose company has growth and stability and with company really wants to build a solid team. Praxis ranned off a good "coder" and a great "temp" because your goals are unrealistic. So we can go back and forth with the reviews but as my mother would say " Everyone is not telling the same lie" in other words there is much truth if different people keep saying the same thing about a person, company and/or things. Overall, go see for yourself. Perhaps things may have changed or will change. I'm sure there will be another two to three people leaving sooner than you think. My new company is looking to "Pay" for great workers. Perhaps there was a reason why those other "contracts" didn't fall through. You don't have the "workers", the systems, or the ethics to take on more."

Current Employee - Collector says

"I have been working at Praxis Healthcare Solutions full-time for less than a year Cons: The CEO and President are the problems and the ultimate cancer in this company. They are unethical, disrespectful, racist, sexist, demonstrative, ignorant, and infallible when it comes to the lack of success the company has had. Their hiring practices are destructive, biased, and drive their lack of retention, and it shows in the force they currently have being that they only have a couple people that have been there over 6 months. They make promises that they NEVER follow up on such as hiring people with the guise of raising their pay when they prove their worth, but when the time comes to discuss the pay raise, they avoid the discussion at all costs. Then when faced with having to pay someone, they give the most minimal pay they can. If you decide to accept an offer with Praxis, proceed with caution. There is no future there and I'd be surprised if they're in business after the next 2-3 years. In closing, believe NONE of the positive reviews of Praxis here in Glassdoor. They hired a reputation management company to post those reviews or posted themselves. NONE of them are real, Just look at the same phrases used and to top it off they even comment on their own post."

Collector says

"I worked at Praxis Healthcare Solutions Cons: I witnessed at least seven employees leave without notice, out of thirteen total employees in a three month period. The doorway into Praxis is a revolving door for new hire after new hire. You will be overworked, underpaid, and unprepared. The computers are unreliable, supervisors are untrained, unknowledgeable and unprofessional. They claimed to want to be one of the best places to work, but unfortunately they do not have the best management or staff in place to make this happen. They have too much inventory as it is, and they acquire more business without the manpower to provide quality over quantity. If you are looking for stability, growth and advancement opportunities this is not the place for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Praxis Healthcare Solutions full-time for less than a year Cons: Unorganized, benefits are horrible, micro managed is an understatement, very unfriendly people. Alot o ffavoritism. Very boring place to work"

Former Employee - IT Manager says

"I worked at Praxis Healthcare Solutions full-time for less than a year Cons: Management expects you to do accounting work, data analysis on accounts as if you are a collector. Goes to outside companies when they don't believe your advice on things that are needed to make the network run. Expects ungodly amount of overtime to catchup on IT work after hours since time spent in office is to be dedicated to non-IT tasks. Prepare for In depth programming, networking, accounting, budgeting and data analysis."

Current Employee - Ar Representative says

"I have been working at Praxis Healthcare Solutions full-time Cons: I have never seen a more micromanaged place than this in 20 years. 1-They have coffee but do not want you to get up and get some. Confusing. Be careful about going to the lavatory. That may be taken away soon too. 2-You have put a paper sign up when on break or lunch like a child. 3-You have to punch in on the exact minute or you get in trouble. 4-They watch everything you do and you get questioned if you take too long on an account. They say they want good quality but then applaud people who don't work hard to get their numbers high. 5-Hourly and salary are not competitive by industry standards. 6-There are NO SICK DAYS in a healthcare company. They don't care if you, your child or spouse is sick. You better have PTO or get written up. 7-You loose PTO if the weather is bad. 8-You have to respond that you understand emails. It is demeaning. 9-People will laugh how little the 401k here is. 10-There is favoritism and it is obvious. Men are really treated well. Colored people are overworked on both teams. 11-They humiliate you in emails by copying everyone. 12-There is no incentive to do a good job so no one cares. 13-You don't need writing skills because upper management writes everything. It creates a very lazy bunch who are not bright and do not try. 14-Cannot use phone. Is this school? How do you know if something is important. I don't want to get up to check if it is or not. 15-We pay for everything including charity events. Then they want a photo to show they did charity. Pass. Never seen a company do that! I will go on my own time then. 16-You have to timeout to help volunteer or take the photo to promote the charity. Again. What? We were also told to oay for activities on our own so no one participates. 17-People are always quitting and looking for other jobs. Very few are happy and nothing is done about it. 18-We were made to send review for best place to work. I feel that is not fair. 19-There are no bonuses not even holidays. 20-Company did potlucks instead of spending money to provide lunch. 21-We print in grey and send broken cds to save money. Again. How cheap! 22-Training is a joke. We are not taught on client we get. I was taught other teams's system. How is that helpful? 23-We are encouraged to speak up but nothing is done about it. 24-Management snaps at us all the time. People are always upset and crying. 25-Our equipment is old and slow. Spend money on laptops that are up to date. 26-We hire people for positions not needed because they are friends of higher ups instead of paying people competitively who work hard. 27-No overtime. You want good work at reasonable timeframes? You have to pay for it. 28-Never enough employees. People are always doubling on clients. Basically, you are punished for doing a good job. 29- I can keep going and going. My health and financial stress have kept me stuck. I hope things change as things are demoralizing now."

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